Hey! I'm Kelsey.

Content creator — crystal plug — aquarius

Following a tragic loss in 2012 and five-year period of uncertainty and spiritual unrest, I set out to find something that would help me cope with my grief and give me clarity on how to heal forward. Crystals, spiritual development, and a dedication to personal growth were the only things that felt right and have helped me change my life for the better. Now, I run this online crystal shop and create content through my podcast and YouTube channel to help others on their healing journey.

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Tumbles—Great for pockets, purses, and travel.


A podcast that takes you beyond crystals.

I believe that crystals can be a major gateway to a happier life but simply collecting them isn't enough to rear real results—deep inner work and a commitment to overall wellness is key. My Podcast, titled Let's Get Crystal Clear is where I candidly speak on personal experiences and shares the lessons I'm learning while navigating life and diligently trying to avoid negative self-talk, laziness, fear, and people with bad energy. If you're a true spiritual seeker who's on a path of self-discovery, this podcast is for you!

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